Tuesday, April 27


Died for mockers and beaters,
Stripped for grace and authority,
Shamed for salvation and glory,
Tortured for love and forgiveness,
Tormented for fulness and life,
Crucified to rise,
For you
For me.

Sunday, April 25


it really is no surprise I've had a strange life. But apparently what everyone else is normal stuff to have done by my age, i.e. seen bambi or the lion king is probably not high up on my list, or even on my list. But jumping of the side of a swiss bridge (whilst attached to a safety harness of course) is almost like an average day. Then again I suppose that what makes me me, you can ask me about some of the stranger activities in my life and I probably have some elaborate story to go with, like the time i ended up in a field hospital, the third time round.

Wednesday, April 14

Last year I wrote this... I have returned once more to here:

It suddenly feels like spring agian. The sun is shining, the birds woke me up early with their chirrping, and the world seems greener. The saying goes, that the grass is always greener on the other side but it seems pretty green for me here at the moment. That doesnt mean that life is perfect, there are still leaves from autumn everywhere, the grass is wild and hedge's overgrown, but its a content state of out of control ness, if that makes sense in any way?

so how is the garden of your life? im enjoying the sring coming in the midst of the discombobulating chaos.