Wednesday, March 21

Day 34 Photo Prayer

Lord you make your face to shine on me.
You bless me and love me
Thank you

May I be your servant shining for you
May I bless others and love others for you


Tuesday, March 20

Sunday, March 18

Saturday, March 17

Day 30 Photo Prayer

Lord turn what we have learnt into 
Glory for you and your Kingdom


I pray this prayer in the light that next week a large majority of full time undergraduate students here are going on mission. The team I am part of is going to Northern Ireland but we also have teams going to Berkhamstead, Newham, Northallerton and Stoke. Please pray for our community as why turn away from studying for God to putting this into action. There will be more post to follow about mission in Northern Ireland.  

Thursday, March 15

Day 28 Photo Prayer

Lord I turn my face towards your Son, 
Let my roots and foundation be solid in you.


Wednesday, March 14

Day 27 Photo Prayer

Lord make me a light house,
Help me be amongst the storms of life, 
being your light. 


Tuesday, March 13

Day 26 Photo Prayer

Inspire me father, 
Inspire me to dance for you
To dance and dwell among your living waters 
Reaching out to share these with all.

Inspire me father
Inspire me to stay and drink
To see your beauty to know your love
Reaching out to share these with all. 

Inspire me father, 
My heart is yours to fill
My feet are yours to move
My hands are yours to serve. 


(This is my friend Emma when she came to visit in the summer, the time was about 4 in the morning and the beach is in Mundesly, my favourite beach. Check out Em's blog here.)

Monday, March 12

Day 25 Photo Prayer

Lord untangle the mess I've made in my life
It is only your mighty power that can undo some knots. 
If they are to be left Lord let me leave this mess behind
by your grace, Oh God divine


Sunday, March 11

DAY 24 Photo Prayer

Lord when life seems overcast and cloudy
you remind me of your beauty of a summer day


Saturday, March 10

The start of the end.

So yesterday marked a very significant day in the life of six of us BA students here at Cliff College. We finished our final lectures after three years of lectures. It just kind of happened and at the end there was no rejoicing, no great party, we just dispersed and went to get on with work or placement or getting ready for whatever the weekend plans were. Or that is what wil have happened after lunch. 

However my final lecture was exactly like a final lecture, it was sending us out. We looked at the missional heart and then as group tried to unpack what this meant for us and if it was just a gift, or something that was developed. (In the end we decided nicely down the middle, that it was both a gift given by God that needed to be developed and grown). And then we did the same as individuals. It was a brilliant lecture, it really got us ready to be sent out. (The lecturer shared some of his story, sharing about his organisation Micah 6-8)

This week I have been particularly thinking about three pieces of scripture the first:
"He will swallow up death forever. The Sovereign LORD will wipe away tears from all faces; he will remove his people's disgrace from all the earth. The LORD has spoken." Isaiah 25:8

The second: 
Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

And thirdly:
"For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:6-7

They seem pretty small verse, and they don't really link, but for me this is what I'm going to walk in. Firstly I'm going to live in the knowledge that God will swallow up death - forever! That this race is already won and that the God I serve is compassionate. I hope that I shall die his servant and that before that time I can be his hand that wipes away tears and tells of this amazing hope that God has spoken. 

Secondly the Thessalonians passage means so much to me already. Each day I will rejoice, give thanks and praise god. For God is good, yesterday, today and forever. 

Lastly, the passage from 2 Timothy some one shared with me when I started here, she told me to walk with it, and as I now start to stand in a place where I have to leave an amazing community I have loved and will continue to love, and as things change rapidly in my life I will remember this passage. This really is the beginning of the last few months here. I have no more lectures, just a word count, 1 block mission, and then festival. Yet as I leave I am more aware that I still have so much to do here, and that the gifts that God has given me are not just to be shut away shyly for the future, but are already in use, are to be used and to be grown, just like the missional heart. I will step out in this power, love and self-discipline, willing to grow stronger and bolder in Christ and for Christ and the Kingdom of God. 

Have you got a verse that you've been reflecting on in your life? Or wish to add some comment or meaning to the three I've posted, then please feel free to comment.  

Day 24 Photo Prayer

Lord give me your focus
Allow me to see your work in this world.
 Move me Lord to work for you
Send me Lord to do your will


Friday, March 9

Day 23 Prayer Photo

 Father God I've travelled through another field, 
and found this gate for travelling on 
You have placed their a poppy for me to remember
I pray that at each gate you never let me forget.
That it's by your grace alone I push forward
You as ever, my goal. 


Thursday, March 8

Day 22 Photo Prayer

Lord I want to thank you for communion, 
That you feed us. 
That you sit with us.
Lord I thank you that you walk among your church 
That we can meet with you.
I thank you for your body - broken for me.
I thank you for your blood - spilt for me.


Wednesday, March 7

The fear of being a graduate (if I ever make it that far)

So this is the year (2012 if you didn't know) that I graduate, along with many of my friends.... and we say this in hopeful anticipation that we won't overdose on caffeine during them final hours of dissertation writing. For me that side of it - the work side of it, is the least of things worrying me about the 12 months. I strongly believe and try hard to remember that my written work - yes even the 8000 words on safeguarding and churches - is a form of worship to God.

However there is that new threat. The one entitled "the real job!" The part that will often tell me studying was easy (which it really isnt its just a different form of difficulty.) My unease aout graduating is not ooo I have to find a job, but rather, if I go for a children's, youth or families position, who on earth is going to trust a graduate at the age of 21 straight out of Cliff College.

I suppose someone will though, I suppose I actually know what I'm doing and I have something to do... or at least a purpose...

To further the kingdom of God, to make disciples of all nations, to love God and to love people!

Why do I fear... I'm human, but I have hope. 

Day 21 Photo Prayer

Lord be my light.
be my colour
my salvation 
help me step out of the darkness
out of the shadows
Lord be my light


Monday, March 5

Day 19 Photo Prayer

Lord help me step out
Help me move out in to your world.
help me to be your feet,  your hands,
Help me move for you God. 


Sunday, March 4

Dat 18 Photo prayer

Lord you've made me your light
This I can't hide.
Even when I wobble and shake
you make beautiful my every mistake


Saturday, March 3

Day 17 Photo Prayer

Father God, 
Today I am all yours 
Tomorrow too. 
take what I can give
and help me serve this world for you
I wish to be fisher of men 
for your kingdom to grow
I will take up my cross 
a let your seeds be sown.


This photo is a piece of stain glass at Cliff College with the motto on it "Christ for all, All for Christ." At Cliff we have a daily prayer sheet that incorporates these words.... take a look here.

Friday, March 2

Thursday, March 1

Day Fifteen Photo Prayer

Lord when I sit in despair save me 
When I'm lost and confused make your light to shine upon me.
help me stand firm on your solid rock 
Let me be vulnerable but only for your service and for your Kingdom 
Save me Lord
Hear my prayers


(The person in this photo is a friend called Ami - she lives in Norfolk and is at Cliff! Check out her blog: Blowing the fuse)