Friday, December 31

All dressed up

And I'm all dressed up this new years eve, not because I'm doing anything greatly special apart from the fact that I'm about to change the world.

Thats it the year 2011 and I'm going to change the world!

Thursday, December 30

New Years Resolution

Okay I'm really struggling with this whole New years Res thing. It's all people seem to go on about. I'm going to smile more, make more time, eat more, drink more, eat less and drink less. Well its all good and well but we know that most people cant stick with a NYR past the end of the week let alone month. So do I bother, knowing the my will power probably last just longer than week but definitely shorter than a month. However, maybe this will be the year I try less. I remember half way through the year I promised a very good friend of mine that I would do that this year at college and I feel I have positivity failed this most of this year.
SO there it is my NYR to not try so hard.

Wednesday, December 8


He chucked glitter on the floor and the world became muted for the first week of preparation. We were still busy, but I think we were more of a community, held under this new beauty laid down by God.

Yes the snow came. We tried o see f we could change one of our seminars to be 'God has made us as white as snow... Discuss?' Not sure this went down to well with the tutor!

We did however still gather as a community, albeit a smaller community for safety, to celebrate the Lord, and to share together in fellowship in sung worship, prayer and testimony. It was really great to gather and draw into to share.

And its crazy. I shared this with everyone:

I live in a community that when you start here I was often bowled away by its beauty but after a while and the closer you get to deadline you kind of forget and this week God has just brought me back to him and the knowledge of his power, his beauty. God completely reminded me of how much in control he could be and how much he could do and this was just to the land scape. I know that God loves me greatly so if he did this earth what is he doing in my life, how is he changing me into this new and beautiful creation. Whats more I already know I live in an amazing community, so i can't wait to see what he's changing them into.

And now as it freezes it turns into glitter.

I had housegroup christmas meal on tuesday night. It was great cause we were like a family, right to the weird uncle. This is what Gods community is. covered in glitter. Not down to us but down to God and he truly makes us beautiful white (and glittery.)

Isaiah 1:18

"Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red like crimson,
they shall become like wool.