Sunday, June 27

Dr Who- the Pond guide to pray?

I'm not sure about you, but I am an avid Dr Who. I think the series are pure genius and have been completely enthralled by this new series. In the first episode of the new series, we are introduced to Amelia Pond who starts by praying (rather unorthodoxly) to Santa Clause. Despite it being to Santa Clause I love this section and I feel that in its form and response it is true genius and can be a great note on prayer.

To begin with she apologises for probably waking Santa up since it had been along time since Christmas. This happens doesn't it, sometimes we can go without prayer because until we are scared or in trouble it seems unimportant and irrelevant. This also links to the idea of confession.

She thanks, in this case Santa for her Christmas presence, one of the key aspect of prayer is thanks. We thank God that he give his son, that we are forgiven, that he has given us the holy spirit, that he guides us, is with us, loves and many other things besides.

She asks for someone to come and fix the crack in her wall. A basic desire which she realises is beyond the control of herself and of this world. With child like trust she puts her faith in the prayer she is praying, that an answer will happen.

Then the Doctor arrives. Its a bit abstract, and for the full full answer it takes 12-14 years to correct (sometimes we have to wait.) Sometimes its not easy and you give up but like in this case the Doctor comes back and solves/saves the day, God waits with us, is with us when it is hard, puts people to support us their, and keeps us driven and dreaming of his Glory.

Prayer according to Pond... the Doctors assistant!

Thursday, June 10

The streets of Aylsham

In the last two days I have had my first example of door to door christianity. To be honest it is something that scares me and in some ways I am not fond of the idea just because it always seems so intrusive, however apart from two men the response in the last two days has been amazingly positive. For me in particular walking down this one road in the local are I was particularly struck by the number of people who had lost a partner in the last 5 years. Was anyone reaching out to them? I shall probably never know, and I do not feel that with my little experience of loss that I could ever be of great service in supporting them. However it was such a blessing to me to see these people, not the youngest deal with what life had thrown at them with such grace and dignity and almost thanks giving. I hope when I lose someone as I inevitably will that I can remember the people I have met today walking the streets of Aylsham, as they are people who have dealt with life.

Monday, June 7

When I started at Cliff, one of my first posts simply said this 'I arrived'...

Now what? I haven't left, but I'm not there and it won't be the same. Will next year have the same moment of I have arrived? The question also remains to be asked what had and have I arrived at?

Did I expect to be dubbed the most clumsiest person in college?
Did I expect that my ability to plug in a PA system would lead me to do the AV for Adrian Plass?
Did I expect that my ability to stand up and talk in public to be noticed, challenged and developed in away that I am now on Note as a Local Preacher?
Did I expect the opportunity to do some crazy things, such as paddle through a rocky stream and attempt to climb rocks with and with out a harness?
Did I expect to sing a solo in a Christmas concert?
Did I expect to dye my hair?
Did I expect to let go of so much?
Did I expect to learn how to play poole, darts and table tennis?
Did I expect to feel like did?
Did I expect to go to Tesco's at midnight?
Did I expect to visit an Anglican Church?
Did I expect to apply for a taster course in MOD chapliancy?
Did I ever think I would have the courage to come home for the summer and help with Chaplaincy work in Norfolk?
Or to sit in a service where Puppets Ruled?

Does it matter what I expected? I am who I am now, because God challneged me with the unexpected. HE also placed me in a great support network with great friends! My second post on the day I arrived at Cliff College on my first year sums up a lot.

"At the end of the day..."
"At the end of the day, I am..."
"At the end of the day, God is..."

At the end of the day,
This I want to be.
Created in Your image,
I know that You know me.
I may be scared and tired,
but You are mighty and strong.
When I'm fighting my reality,
And can't find out what's Real,
I pray for rest and peace,
for I know Your loves me seal.