Thursday, October 28

It doesn't take long to read a Gospel!

At the beginning of our year at college as part of our quiet day we had read to us allowed a Gospel in 2 or so hours. It was an amazingly powerful things to do. Listen as a community to the Good Good News of Christ in the form of the Gospel on Mark.

When in a lecture the other day a tutor said to the class this:

"It doesn't take long to read a Gospel!" 

I thought thats fair out loud two hour with breaks but then I thought. It takes a lot longer to read a gospel, a lifetime to read a gospel. If we read the gospel in two hours what have we missed, if we glance at it how can we be transformed, renewed and covered in the Grace of God if we are read a gospel in an hour?

I'm going to make a brave and bold statement and try and live by it myself. You cannot read a Gospel in an hour, or Acts, or the Epistles, the Old Testament. Instead it takes a life time, and a chance to be transformed by God through it to read the Good Good News of Christ Jesus Our Saviour.

Tuesday, October 19

Will I

Hello you,
 How are you?
 Can you see me?
 I can see you!
 Will the sunshine tomorrow
And the rains keep at bay?
 Will you be here to see me
And love me all the same?
 Will the journey be so much easier
Or will be harder day-by-day?
Will each step be springy and light
Or held with drudgery and fear?
Will my voice be strong and true
Or a whisper faltering here?
Will I look on boldly forward
I truly know my way?
Or will I tentatively reach out slowly
Arms length away?
Could I wake up tomorrow and this is gone?
Could I walk away and forget?
Could I ever gain a love like this?
Could I ever run on forwards?
Will the questions get easier?
Then, I suppose, the answers get harder!
Will the disappointment be an honour?
Will my shame mean pride to you?
Will an answer mean new armour,
Or a brick wall between me and you?
When my hair goes grey and my walking is hobbled
When I grow to tired to sleep
Will I wake and wonder still my Lord
Or will you give me the rest I need?
I understand I know little
I understand, I’m not sure I wish to know more.
All I know
I am Yours
This is sure
My Lord.

Monday, October 18

Calling for a female.

Yes I would like a family. Yes I want to be a dutiful wife to a husband whom I love. Yes I wish to serve God. 

I wish to serve God and feel I have a calling to ministry. How does this engage with some of the biblical texts that get thrown at us. The struggle I feel is not with my college friends who feel that women should not be with a role of leadership within the church but rather how do you react to those who wish to put these biblical points out to you either as a hinderance or out of pure wishing to understand. 

Is my calling and sense of calling belittled by the passages in Timothy and Corinthians?

Although, I will still go and with God's will do what I feel called to wether as a minister and maybe a minister to the armed forces. I think for now its going to be a long struggle to understand deeply the connections and the deep understanding and meaning in these passages. Look like its time for some prayer.