Tuesday, April 21

All the small things? What do you feel?

and how do you see heaven today?
will it be the same as tomorrow?
is it true as snowboarders say?
is heaven really a half pipe?

Monday, April 20

and gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you, says the Lord, and I will bring you back to the place from which I sent you into exile.

Sunday, April 19

Friday, April 17

Music and Lyrics

Sitting in the glorious sun filled dining room typing today listening to music, has been stressful and its only lunch time but there has been something more...

Music is such an important part of some many peoples lives yet often we regard it as something almost throw away, just there. You could say we even take it for granted...

how often though have you felt inspired by song, maybe a song has moved you to tears, moved you to stand, made you realise something, made you stop, made you think, made you humm and sing along,

made you happy?

sitting here this morning just listening to 16 songs again and again I have been through asorts of music. my brother strums his guiatar not realising the difference in someones life he makes every time he plays.

sometimes it's the music, the piano introduction to awesome God, the instrumental in the darkenesses i believe in a thing called love, something just connects to the heart. I'm sure my brother would say that summer in g major by vivaldi means something to him, no lyrics just pure music.

More often than not for me it is the lyrics that capture my soul. I like my words. and there are millions of lyrics out there. some you never fully understand. a few months ago I found myself at a local community church singing forever God is faithful in serbian, untill the moment i sang it in a different language I'm not sure I had grasped the meaning of it that I have today, and I still thend to sing it in serbian rather than english. I'm also sure that it's meaning will change again for that is the nature of music in context, it changes.

So many songs in my life hav meant so much. A different one each day. A different one for each event. A different one for different people. but happy memories in among the side.

Time to sing out loud...

Wednesday, April 15

i lost what i thought i had and found i still had nothing
time doesnt wait for the dor to open does it
not any more
if the world should end tomorrow
we'veall been through this bother
and it doesnt take mother
earth to recognise the sights
and terms
condition is what the time cant see its bending willows
leaving me
sweeping me away in time and tide
to pretend the fake
of flakey paint
we are wasting away
pasting away cutting from the screen
losing the blood behind the obscene
crushing whats left of love by his beside
sadly sadly the team is split
chicken pox in the boxoff
time to tear
time to wear
fair the fear
and fear to be
for ever and ever this world is wasting
tasting, fasting , shaking shock
and then there where two
you have to look
take away your cheerleaders
take away your fame
take away your lipgloss mask and pretty blonde dye
take away them clothing shoes
and what theyhave to say
as i really want the real you
to shake away this pain
scratches on cds
post in a box
male on the road
broken bones
broken stones
broken words
broken world
time to share
create repair
forget the tear
tears they fall on times they cry
and the tears that are forgotten
are the worlds greatest crime
they kept you under lock and key
barber wire surround you
dont let me fall
oh yes oh yes
mighty king of heaven savedme
oh yes oyes
when i thought things couldnt get worse
i realsised i forgotten my purpose
the rain it showered down
and still i praised
his mighty hand
and he is great
he is great
king and lord of all time
for he is great
he great
and he saved a life like mine
and he is great he is great king and lord of all timefor he is great he great and he saved a life like mine
over the seas the time does go
over the trees we do soar
king and creation
amazing spirit
lord of all time
this is what i live for
this is where i say


Tuesday, April 14

what the world needs now they say is love sweet love
but i have found a sweeter love and his name is Jesus

in ecclesiasties it talks about time and season for every event in life. and looking round you can see each season.
the song turn turn turn, look it up sometime.
when life looks tough it always seems worse doesnt it and the good stuff always seems better.
one of my friends calls it limboing
trust the welshy aye
you just have to rememeber the solid rock :D
Time for hate
time for space
time for his amazing grace
What the world needs now ....

Sunday, April 12

oh what a gloriuos day

Oh how can i thank him
for what he did
a man that stands out
that scores would fight for
not through oppression or greed
but through the fought of love and grace
mercy divine
and living in dying

Saturday, April 11

guess what... a poem

like a firework
ive zoomed across the sky
flown high
and terrifying
but not at all undiluting
but ever so likely
that one day i will go boom
a bright fright
for you all

Friday, April 10

anothe poem hot of the press

when the world runs quiet
and you turn up late
its not the desire that makes us hate
for if the love of a journey
was to make it to the end
then would it drive us round the bend
to be a lone
once in a while
maybe take that longer mile
this world can take it's toll
but when it does take the bus
the jounrey will be easier on us
and tomorrow
when the world's okay
remember me this happy way
and not what i feel

Thursday, April 9

dont wanna stand here
but i cant walk away
my pain and shame
fading into the once coloured frame
what this world needs is a hero
super-slogan and hope
time for him to rise
come from the grave
three days dead
who but can he save
and on the dawn of dusk here cries
the angels by and at his side
tomorrow this world will be different
for once again I have my king
and praises to him i will sing

Tuesday, April 7

Weeping, wasting
leaving lately
I watch the sun set
across the water
I watch it rise across the skies
And i watch the sun linger midless
along the streets they walk
for time is swiftly fleeting
along this lonely floor
and as i see the pairings shatter
i watch the postcards flutter
from rescue me to save the trees
Pictures float past
different windows
winning motives
and if faith has to play
it's smallundevaiting path
then we should know it's bigger
bigger than what we see
larger than what we know
huger than you and me
the mess we have laid down
the typing of random scenes
linked so cleaverly with rhyming words
for this broken world is all i see
it's scenes include the summer fields
and the snowy mountian tops
but more it is the war torn desert
and gun ravaged streets
and all it takes is the tears of a child
to see the human inside us all
scared, lost alone

I'm crying
not for you or me
but for this broken world
as that is all I can see

Monday, April 6

tomorrow is a different day
lets up it changes us in a different way
shape up shake up its time to see
that its not your time to believe in me
turn round look back at the deep blue see
my friends are already on the attack
they create and they collapse
they shape and they relapse
but im not sure i care
im not sure if i can stay awake no more
im to tired to stand its time for me to fall
its time for you to believe in yourself
its time for me to fall

Sunday, April 5

Take a stand

take a stand, a stab in the dark

forget what would happen

what has happened

its just you against the world now

with only a back up plan

Saturday, April 4

thoughts for the fortnight

so here it is the list as compiled once again by Bx and Ruth:

  1. We are Robin Hood!!!
  2. Never go to buy something from tescos that hasn't been released
  3. try not to smother dolphins
  4. photos are friends not food
  5. apostrophes such as this one ' right there are um a conumdrum to bx
  6. but not to ruth
  7. we should go t'pub
  8. meh
  9. awerome and awo is a new word for a new era
  10. time and tide and rain and buses wait for no man
  11. or women
  12. ruth loves JA more than someone or other does
  13. texting is bad for a phone's battery
  14. but then so is lasagne
  15. dressing gowns make good camp fires
  16. dancing with david tennant does not count as a date
  17. well it doesnt count if it's a david t calender
  18. however dancing with a dolphin could just about = a date
  19. lists are fun
  20. bx loves ruth
  21. ruth loves dragon
  22. dragon does not love bx
  23. we want Will back!
  24. you can't swim on dry land
  25. bx was mad enough to try
  26. where is the cider?!?!?!?
  27. too much cider apples the brain
  28. brian will get his come uppance
  29. like matt my typing is inaudible
  30. you always find love in the last place you look
  31. and often the last place you look is right under your nose
  32. high mountains are often high and hard to spell ... like killamawotsit
  33. two men drama or two women dramas are often shorter than ever imaginable
  34. are you really still reading this list?
  35. poor person
  36. let my lifesong sing to you
  37. bx only bites on a thursday
  38. the new mya layout looks good...
  39. once you've read the proposal 79373940 times
  40. metro station are awerome!
  41. only 9 to go
  42. when there is a storm, you know it's time to give up sanity to dance and sing in the rain
  43. colds are annoying
  44. being cold is annoying
  45. being hot is annoying
  46. having hayfever is annoying
  47. does any one actually care what gibberellic acid is?!?!?
  48. bx has no idea what ruth was going on about in number 47
  49. the floor is comfortable untill you sit on it
  50. leave a comment if you wish us to add another 50, leave a comment if you dont want us to leave another 50..... may be just leave a comment

Friday, April 3

Time to rest oh yeah I know hypocritical and all but it is good to really stop
to sleep
to think
to step out of the box/house/town/bus/car/work/world
its just what it is

Thursday, April 2

Time has taken it's toll
it's made me tired
and crazy
fallen apart and less in that start
paying ways
times dont change
time for us to change

Wednesday, April 1

Sleeping is good
sometimes you have to stop think and sleep
and if all else fails stop and cut out the thinking