Monday, July 20

Break the glass

Sometimes life throws you tough situations, ones that when people look from the outside they can’t say the problem, it’s like looking through them two way mirrors, where you can see out but past the reflection the person imparts on the mirror they can’t see in. It is then even harder to show the scars from which you also hide behind the glass.

It is often when others reflection come into our hearts that we feel most like a failure. We forget all that we can be and only see what is the hard part.

Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit each, all and one looks at us with such love, grace and mercy that the glass kind of crumbles. You cascade magnificently into the world of shattered glass, the image is often portrayed with heartbroken melancholy, but you neglect to see that the light plays differently on shattered glass. It gleams brighter than ti ever was whole.

God, each, all and one, breaks us down to shine brighter, not with melancholy beauty but pure, open love.

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