Thursday, October 28

It doesn't take long to read a Gospel!

At the beginning of our year at college as part of our quiet day we had read to us allowed a Gospel in 2 or so hours. It was an amazingly powerful things to do. Listen as a community to the Good Good News of Christ in the form of the Gospel on Mark.

When in a lecture the other day a tutor said to the class this:

"It doesn't take long to read a Gospel!" 

I thought thats fair out loud two hour with breaks but then I thought. It takes a lot longer to read a gospel, a lifetime to read a gospel. If we read the gospel in two hours what have we missed, if we glance at it how can we be transformed, renewed and covered in the Grace of God if we are read a gospel in an hour?

I'm going to make a brave and bold statement and try and live by it myself. You cannot read a Gospel in an hour, or Acts, or the Epistles, the Old Testament. Instead it takes a life time, and a chance to be transformed by God through it to read the Good Good News of Christ Jesus Our Saviour.

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