Monday, January 24

A second chance @ Christian Spirituality Week 2

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?
Tonights was the second session of Christian Spirituality here at Cliff.
I'm going to draw on a few discussion that took place tonight.

Firstly what are words would use to describe Jesus Spirituality?
How would you describe Jesus approach to others.

I think Jesus Spirituality and the way that related to others was intense. I just imagine this intensity that comes from God. If this was part of his persona, a character trait then it would have appeared in his fasting, praying, study, celebrating, serving.

His whole ministry in itself was a radical concept, therefore why not his spirituality.

Other ideas include Practical, loving, confident, flexible, consistent, relational, caring, selfless, servant hearted, led by example, intuitive, humble, encouraging, visible, paradoxical and inclusive.

Jesus washing his disciples feet is a key example of Jesus practising the spiritual disciplines and teaching them to his disciples.

Tonights key quote for me: [Spirituality is...] Heart knowledge and foot knowledge that walks the dusty roads and sometimes needs to be washed by the hand of our saviour. - Gwen Henderson.


  1. I like your new background :)

  2. I like the topic, very intriguing.
    I was thinking about similar things the other day because of that disciplines book you got me. The author was talking about looking through the Bible specifically to see how Jesus looks, speaks to and touches people, then imagining Jesus doing the same to you. Then you can try and bring that to other people. Maybe something to think about for band group? xxx

  3. I like the idea Alex. I concur it would be good to try :D