Wednesday, March 7

The fear of being a graduate (if I ever make it that far)

So this is the year (2012 if you didn't know) that I graduate, along with many of my friends.... and we say this in hopeful anticipation that we won't overdose on caffeine during them final hours of dissertation writing. For me that side of it - the work side of it, is the least of things worrying me about the 12 months. I strongly believe and try hard to remember that my written work - yes even the 8000 words on safeguarding and churches - is a form of worship to God.

However there is that new threat. The one entitled "the real job!" The part that will often tell me studying was easy (which it really isnt its just a different form of difficulty.) My unease aout graduating is not ooo I have to find a job, but rather, if I go for a children's, youth or families position, who on earth is going to trust a graduate at the age of 21 straight out of Cliff College.

I suppose someone will though, I suppose I actually know what I'm doing and I have something to do... or at least a purpose...

To further the kingdom of God, to make disciples of all nations, to love God and to love people!

Why do I fear... I'm human, but I have hope. 

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