Wednesday, May 16

Today's the day

So I know its been a while but I decided to take the time out to finish my degree, and as of today that is exactly what has happened. Today I finished my degree.

What next then, after your degree, the common question that haunts my mission trips, my preaching, in fact most things, well today I received the contract for the job which I will accept. As of September I will be a Children's and Families worker in the North of Wales. (Yes along way from home in Norfolk).

But as much as today is the day, today I am tired. Three years here at Cliff are not yet over not till I graduate but these last three weeks which I will live here I am going to try and remember to be aware of what God has placed before me and blessed me greatly with. So here is to the next two events that mark the end of my time here at Cliff. Festival and Graduation.

So I am back, but tonight I am tired and soon I will be sleeping.

Like all good students!

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