Thursday, August 23

The last day in England

Tis is my last day within England :O

Yes I'm going for drama but the journey to Wales is only just two hours shy of my international flight to India! Norfolk to Wales is a fair distance its a lot shorter to cross the ocean to Ireland than it is to drive back to Norfolk....

So in amongst my little dama of leaving England to venture into mission you might wonder with less than 24 hours till I leave how the packing is going.... well theres still a bit to go, I like to cut it fine.

I'm looking forward to it, in all the nerves of the long driving session with my baby brother, the lugging boxes up three flights of stairs, having to deal with my own bills, sort out my own problems no that at the end of the day its just me returning to my flat.... theres the excitement that in just over a weeks time I will be thrown into the excitement of a job in which I have been training for. You could compare it to all them athletes who competed in the olympics but I'm sure every one is fed up of olympic analogies!

If you are praying people though, I would implore you if you have a second or two, pray for my family and friends, the church I'm moving to work with and myself as these three world spectacularly collide this week in the process of moving into one flat and also travel to Wales.  

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  1. definitely praying for the church you are moving to work with :) ... only kidding!
    blessings and love