Friday, April 17

Music and Lyrics

Sitting in the glorious sun filled dining room typing today listening to music, has been stressful and its only lunch time but there has been something more...

Music is such an important part of some many peoples lives yet often we regard it as something almost throw away, just there. You could say we even take it for granted...

how often though have you felt inspired by song, maybe a song has moved you to tears, moved you to stand, made you realise something, made you stop, made you think, made you humm and sing along,

made you happy?

sitting here this morning just listening to 16 songs again and again I have been through asorts of music. my brother strums his guiatar not realising the difference in someones life he makes every time he plays.

sometimes it's the music, the piano introduction to awesome God, the instrumental in the darkenesses i believe in a thing called love, something just connects to the heart. I'm sure my brother would say that summer in g major by vivaldi means something to him, no lyrics just pure music.

More often than not for me it is the lyrics that capture my soul. I like my words. and there are millions of lyrics out there. some you never fully understand. a few months ago I found myself at a local community church singing forever God is faithful in serbian, untill the moment i sang it in a different language I'm not sure I had grasped the meaning of it that I have today, and I still thend to sing it in serbian rather than english. I'm also sure that it's meaning will change again for that is the nature of music in context, it changes.

So many songs in my life hav meant so much. A different one each day. A different one for each event. A different one for different people. but happy memories in among the side.

Time to sing out loud...

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