Monday, August 24

just another post on just another day

And I stand here, before you my Lord

When I think I’m only just holding on to the hem of your cloak

In reality it’s not quite the same

If I turned round to face you see heaven and earth

Find grace in an instant

At your love outburst

To see you hold me so tight to your chest

Heart wrenching emotions cry out we are blessed

And I know in reality you’ve saved me

I’ve seen that you see me at my best

You’ve given your Son for eternity

And to you LORD I give you the rest

And as I look to the world, my Lord

So distant and partial to the hem of you’re cloak

The reality bites down hard

I see some hope in the brokenness of earth

Need feeding on grace

And an outburst of love

Some to reach out it arms pull it tight to your chest

So that they all know that they are blessed

And I know in reality you’ve saved us

You see this world at its best

You’ve given your son for eternity

Lord it’s time to give you the rest

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