Thursday, November 5

today is the day to step out in faith

Sitting on my windowsill I can tell you it's raining.
Sometimes you have to sit on the edge of life looking at the warm and cozy knowing you have to step out into the cold, slightly terrifying, rainy world. However I do not have a ground floor room and the drop currrently would cause much physical pain so I don't think I will try it. But if we go back to the metaphorical-ness of it, I feel thats where I am at.
Sometimes it takes a surreal moment to understand that.

Today I have taken to communions, I always find taking a communion quite a personal experience, and sometimes I will sit and watch others take communion because of its immense power. Today I took part into very different communion services, the first was reasonably formal and traditional. A larger group, Bread and wine (or grape juice), liturgical pattern, ordained presence and it was moving, it was compulsory. I always wonder how many people take communion like this as they feel that they have to?
The second was very informal, a small group of five friends, five fellow travellers, very off the cuff in the middle of a lecture with a wispa bar and some blackcurrant squash. We had prayer, we wanted to be there. We where sharing, we where blessed by God. I wasn't alone.

I live in such a blessed community, where I can come as I am, trips, falls, craziness and madness, and belong to the body of Christ, as well as belong to Christ.

Today is the day to step out in faith, I feel.

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