Thursday, June 10

The streets of Aylsham

In the last two days I have had my first example of door to door christianity. To be honest it is something that scares me and in some ways I am not fond of the idea just because it always seems so intrusive, however apart from two men the response in the last two days has been amazingly positive. For me in particular walking down this one road in the local are I was particularly struck by the number of people who had lost a partner in the last 5 years. Was anyone reaching out to them? I shall probably never know, and I do not feel that with my little experience of loss that I could ever be of great service in supporting them. However it was such a blessing to me to see these people, not the youngest deal with what life had thrown at them with such grace and dignity and almost thanks giving. I hope when I lose someone as I inevitably will that I can remember the people I have met today walking the streets of Aylsham, as they are people who have dealt with life.

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