Thursday, October 27

Three notes noted

Note number one:

This weeks been tough.
This week I'm struggling, but praise be to God because he is good.

Note Number two:

Still a small and slim but possible chance to go to MYA 3generate.... it's going to be great!

Note Number Three:

It's been a while, and for my third year I have to do a block placement for two weeks. I could do practically anything as long as it was essentially safe and at the end of the two weeks I could write a 3000 word assignment on it, or rather the dreaded words - theological reflection. I thought about it long and hard and I was hoping to find away of working with a militrary chaplain/padre over the summer. Having my tonsils out really ut paid to that. So giving up on that brilliant but unsccesful plan I thought to myself... simple I will just find a church who wants to have student be involved in there church for two weeks, no problem there will be many... some how no.

Three weeks ago I was beginning to start to panic block placement still has to be fitted in (yes I know I still have plenty of time) there was the dissertation to be thinkin about, extended mission and  all of my intensive weeks. Then I was driving one of our tutors to the train station and he says.... "do you know anyone who wishes to go to India for a 1 to 3 months?"

And I thought to myself, that would be cool.

And I went to see the academic dean... a very nice man who said yes if you want go to india... and my programme tutor said the same.
 And evrything clicked into place within two days, all that is apart from a visa - which is hopefull now being processed as we speak.

So two weeks from now I shall hopefully travelling to what shall slowly become a frozen England to a very warm India to work with a bible seminary. And I'm excited.

Still two weeks after making this decision to leave some of my studies for a month and there is a bad week, a week filled with negativity and sleepless nights and the need to catch trains, its this week where most of the time it would seem so much easier to cry and walk away, but you know what,

God is still good, still faithful and unchanging, and probably has a very comfortable shoulder to cry on. Just have to be honest and at this moment in time say I'm not feeling my strongest... will you carry me still.


  1. I love you :)

    I love your faith, in the face of your anxiety. I love your braveness in finding this new world in India. I love your honesty.

    I love you :)

    And you know what? I think you're going to love it. And India's going to love you too.

  2. Hi Em, Thank you, speak to you soon.

  3. the academic dean... a very nice man.
    Heard SS called a lot of things, but that's a first.

    Bless you -I read this only now when you have been back and Christmas has been and gone ... all is left to say

    Blessed end to the year and a GREAT start to 2012.

    You'll be back in college before you know it!