Saturday, October 29



Don't you love them. To one person a photo can mean so much, to others not a clue.

I love going out with the camera if I have time or catching a moment with the old phone (or rather new phone with good((ish)) camera.)
But for some they will mean nothing and others so much. Here are some photo's that I love, that make up my rolling screen saver.... whats more there are explanations.

 My and my friend, Emma went to the beach, very early in the morning... around 4 and it makes me think that there is always some one walking with me. Always something good to remember.
 I took this photo a couple of years ago. It's one of my favourite places in the world. Not only the beach but Mundesly, just always peaceful if you go at the right time.
 This was at Amport house. The tri-service Chaplaincy centre, this was were I spent 3 of a 10 day visit to the Army.
 This motley crew are just some of the fantastic people you meet at Cliff... whats more its snowing. The world was escaping. 
 My brother, need I say more.
 One of the memorials in the churches I visited over the summer. So many names scattered around this globe in memory. Not enough poppies.

I just really like this photo... no actual reason!

Christ for All, All for Christ. The college motto and something we are really thinking about again this year. It comes up in our liturgy in prayers. its on two stained glass windows and at other points around campus. 

Just a few photo's I hope you like. 

Remember: Christ for All, All for Christ

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