Saturday, December 31

Crazy Dream for 2012

I dont often tell anyone about the dreams I have, mainly because who wants to here that I trip in my dreams as  much as I do when I'm awake. And I only ever remember tripping up in my dreams not what else happens. But last night was different, I thought I would share.

There were two of us in a foreign land, we had no where to go and we were searching for for someone. We were walking through a small alley way of open shops mostly selling books. We start to look through the books and find this Christian book, and hold to the man on the stall asking how much, all the other shop owners gather closer, the shop owner holding the book starts to read from it, ending by saying that there is a high price for the book cause to own it means you are a Christian and within this Land Christians are not welcomed. We just said we didn't care how much for the book cost we would take it, and all of a sudden there was hugging and clapping and laughing. The stall holders where Christians as well. They asked were we where staying for the night and we said we had no where so they said sleep on our floors, that they gathered for worship first and then dispersed to homes or places and that we must stay. And when the service started we were welcomed and then they sang the glory of god, and all around the place where these shops were more people sang, it was explained that there were more people, many more people who believed and that although the land was hostile towards Christians there would always be some. We would be provided for and that God would point the way, and then we slept.

I'm not sure what it means but yesterday I said I would post about my dreams for 2012. This year is the end of my degree, and I hope to find a job, to continue to work towards my calling, continued to challenged and stretched for Jesus and work for him. There will be other things I would love like a place to live other than home, to be in a relationship, to be able to keep my car, but We shall see wont we.

Most of all I move into 2012 know the living God, knowing my saviour and knowing of God's amazing provision and community. I hope for nothing more than to see Christ more fully each day.

Here's 2012.

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