Friday, December 4

Another post

Its strange what other people can do for you. I suppose it's also strange what you can do for other people.
I have had so much support since coming to Cliff, and I can see that Cliff is doing so many great things. The People here are really amazing, and I know I am privileged to be among those with such great gifts and talents. However living in a community has its problems as well, and the last few weeks have been really tough not just on myself, but also on many others.
I've had many discussion with people about things over the last few weeks, my post the other day on my dreams is one of them, the other a few more weeks back was much needed as I had lost the feeling that I was meant to be here. I was fighting with myself, and with God, and with people because nothing seemed to fit. I had and still have concerns about friends and family, and life was just seeming a little bleak. It was getting to the point where my often carefully covered emotion where very clear for people to see my discontent. Whilst chatting with many, one really stood out. There is an amazing man with a very welcoming family here at college who sat and told me I was meant to be here, he had watched me plan something in a lecture and had seen a talent in my nature.

Now thinking about it through all this time I've been more than a little down, and things have been going wrong, people keep building me up more and more. Just the today someone told me they would hire me for a job - if they had a job to offer me - because I was hard working and always have a smile.

Its often the strangest things that can build us up the most. A little shamelessly, Ali Johnson made me aware of a Blog he had started (Ali. J. also is the main man behind Natwivity, and works with the evangelist department here at college as a student evangelist) it was his Friday Friend (a college friend of mine) that really spoke very loudly to my soul.

"Trust in the lord always as he is your rock forever" Isaiah 26 -4

Its true.

Time to get back to trusting and stepping out of the boat in faith!

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