Monday, December 7

Campfire Moments

It's weird, later tonight I have a chance to do something I really love. I'm really excited - it possibly expresses how sad I am in a big way - but it's something that I can do. I can quite happily make a fool of myself among a family of people I love and trust, singing camp fire songs and playing funny games. It's something I have done for many years, with many friends, different songs, different places. Always filled with laughter, a little bit of love, and always the caution of do not trip over into the fire, or do not walk across my table.
I love campfires as well, there is something truly magic about the fellowship found around the shadows of the fire, the way the fire itself is captured in a magic dance. There is often food as well, which tastes magnificent when cooked after a long day of activities, just before you go to bed under the light of the stars, in the fresh air, among good friends.
A campfire in my eyes express' what is good in our world, the magic, the awe, the wonder, fellowship, friendship, family, love, laughter, lightness, feasting, festivity, and frivolity, maybe some foolishness, a moment which you never want to end, the smoke in your eyes, a group joke. Its what our life should be about, the campfire moments.

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