Sunday, December 13

I am happy

I'm really happy. I felt I have to share this... kinda like the pig of happiness! have to share. nI'm slowly beginning to feel like christmas, still haven't wrapped any presents or written (or bought any cards) its all a bit of a mess really. it's only twelve days to go.. what 12 when did this happen.

The advent calendar helped. it seems more real when you count it down. that means when i go home there will only be 8 days till christmas, i still won't have done any shopping, or christmas cards and we will be on our last candle on the advent ring at church, this also means that besides the nativity carol concert thing the first time i will be at church is christmas day! thats slightly hard to comprehend. its also slightly sad that i won't be at Bakewell Methodist, for that is where I have spent my advent season so far in terms of church. their nativity today was a bit of genius. not only that they are such an open and friendly church, welcoming, willing and amazing with everyone.

This week is looking quite busy, tomorrow is the college cabaret, there is probably something on on tuesday as well, wednesday is our christmas dinner, and thursday is the carol concert, friday we leave. No rest for the wicked and all that.

I can't deny the fact that I am in fact looking forward to enjoying the last week here with some amazing people. I am in fact very happy about this!

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