Tuesday, August 24


I wrote this poem whilst on camp, and one of the leaders and the boys turned into a song. I have the copy with the chords on kinda but as I don't understand chords....

Flames of the Spirit, burn my soul
Cleanse my heart, make me whole.
You've taken my burden
Carried me far
Come O Lord set me on fire
Fill me with your Holy Desire

Water of the Spirit, carry my soul
Clean my heart, make me whole.
Washing away my burden
Carrying me far
Come O  Lord Wash me a new
Give me more desire for you

Wind of the Spirit, blow on my soul
Bless my heart, make me whole
Blown away my burden
with me till a far
Come O Lord breathe on me
Make my desire you to seek

Loving Lord and Spirit, you have me soul
Yours is my heart making me whole
Gone are my burdens
You are with me
Come O lord, Come O Lord
I ask: be my desire forever more.

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