Wednesday, November 9

UK today, India tomorrow

It may have escaped someone attention, but tomorrow I leave for India.

I'm also (Shockingly) almost packed! I think the last few days have already started a journey for me. I had completely under estimated what people thought of me in college. I knew I had worth, but then any one who can sort things out with out to much fuss is bound to, but this seemed more than this. They bought me a card and I'm going away for a month, not forever.

As for tomorrow, it might even beat some of my longer coach journeys, but I'm looking forward to it. the thrill the excitement, the wonder of if I have packed everything, and told everyone all the right details.

Currently my concerns are travellers cheques..... how on earth do you use them.

Otherwise I'm excited for the this month, It's been completely in Gods hands, and there it shall stay.  :D
Be Blessed

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