Thursday, February 16

Praying through Photo's

I've been inspired by some new friends this week, and I really love my photography and taking photos, I'm really not great at it, but that doesn't matter.

Whats more as I often use my camera as a way of prayer, and I'm currently unable to do this. So I have a folder of currently 90 photo's I really love, that I have taken, so I plan to write a short prayer with them and post them here each day.

Today is the start!

Father God, I look out to my future and it all seems so blank. 
It all seems so hidden, 
I've know what you beauty and promise looks like Lord, 
You've shown me beauty, mercy, grace and love all before. 
Please remind me
Help me to find beauty in this situation.
and to cling ever on to you. 


  1. Amen!

    What a truely wonderful way to use your gift. The photo is beautiful as is the prayer!

  2. fabulous. Like the way the water shows through the words. There's something prophetic in that too