Wednesday, February 22


I hope many people have been enjoying the photo prayer daily, for me its been a really good opportunity to focus my mind specifically and have a focal point.

Another focal point in my life has been the idea of Vision, appropriate in many ways.
The weekend just gone has been an incredibly interesting one, I was leading some sessions, workshops, discussion groups (call them what you will,) for a friends church. Their where 15 women from the north (much further north than I have ever travelled) sat here in college who dipped out unlucky as I was the only speaker they could find at short notice.

I looked at three things over four sessions. Women with voice, Women with vision, Women with Mission - did I mention it was a women's weekend away.

So with Women with voice, I looked at the importance of our own stories, how Christ was working in their lives, how that was the stuff that great hero's and heroines come out of.

Women with Mission looked at what these women were doing practically as individuals and as a church to further the Kingdom of God.... and it was a lot.

Women with Vision was the most challenging for me personally, its something I've been thinking about a lot recently. We looked at two types personal vision, and corporate vision of their church.

So I wrote my own personal vision statement. The short version went like this:

Lord make a tent maker, a wanderer, a washer of feet, 
Help me to lead the lost, and bind the broken.

Yeah I know quite vague and it generally seems more like a prayer. But thats what I feel called to be. 

So how about you what are your dreams and visions for life?

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  1. Keep them up,
    I've been reading them every day :)