Sunday, February 12

We are:

We are a movement.
Bounded by love and grace,
held in the palm of hands that
Reach out tenderly.

We are a community.
One that is not ashamed,
Learning out spoken an spirit filled.
Learning to cling to the cross,
Walk the narrow path,
and to be bold in the name of our Lord.

We are a fellowship.
Our mission outwards
Our journey heavenwards.
Our guide unfailing.

We are many.
Gathering moment
mixing our gifts and talents
One bright colourful quilt cover.
Being sewn into a great artwork.
Pleasing to the creator

We are united
In love,
In grace.
In Christ.

We are sent
singing praises,
Enduring lament.
In awe

We are a movement
We are a community
We are a fellowship
We are many
We are united
We are sent.

All in Christ

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