Sunday, March 8

A thought on a table

Today being Sunday, one which I wasn't working, I went to church. Today also happens to been Holy Communion (HC) for our church. HC has been for quite some time something which I find very thought provoking and moving. There is something fascinating watching the different colours in clothing (often couples dressed co-ordinatingly), different wears in shoes, the concept of some many different stories being shared around one table.

Reading the Methodist Worship Book durng the service, these words really stood out as a calling:

"Come to this sacred table,
Not because you must but because you may;
come, not to declare that you are righteous,
but that you desire to be true disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ:
come, not because you are strong,
but because you are weak;
not because you have any claim on heaven's rewards,
but because in your frailty and sin
you stand in constant need of heaven's mercy and help"

How true are those words spoken.
And it's not just about HC, but its about our lives, the constant need to be fed by God but that we make the decision to go, not our parents choice, or a friends but our personal need.

It reminds of how everyday I try to renew my comittment to God, because I may, because each day is new.

I don't know my point today but I really hope them words reach out to you.

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