Tuesday, March 3

Its a Personal message thing

On msn how many times do you read a P.M and think I wonder...
I do quite a lot, from a random selection of random friends part of no group in my listing there is
  • it's not lying, its artistic licence
  • dream theare in june
  • monday night was an awesome night
  • any one can be somebodies fool
  • (and the classic) ...

I often start conversations around them. They are I suppose insight into a person, you can see what is happening, their emotions, their needs. I just wish that we all had small signs with us all the while so that we always knew. Mystery may at to the fun but how many times have you put your foot int it... We just need to be open I think (I can hear the cries being shouted at me going hypocrit) but at least we know I speak from experience... it's painful but it really helps.


oh and my personal message tonight:

"head out to the seas, for he is calming the storm"

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