Monday, March 2

Map reading on the road to life

Tonight I have been at Rangers reading and referencing maps. They are joyful things, they help you know where you are where you have come from and where you are going in geographical terms.

Life however has no map and any way maps never tell you anything about what you might face past the physical stuff, so for life i suppose the landmarks are birth death and taxes so to say, the rest is unplotted. It makes it hard doesn't it. The hills are daunting, the rivers are wide, the woods peaceful, the beaches glorious.

Thats what makes the journey great, the diverisity, the ups and down, the accomplishments, land mark events. On top of that our paths often interchange and weave with other peoples who never truly leave you as they walk in your heart leaving faint footprints.

And although a map certainly would make it easier in this life, where would be the fun, the tangents, and the strange opportunities placed when at a fork and you follow your hunch...

I think it's time to get lost in life

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