Wednesday, March 4

Its a nice night

Its a nice night. The clouds and sunsets as I was clambered on by Brownies. Is it me or do you wonder that sometimes you know things are going to change, before they happen. Well I feel that a change is coming, it may not be signicant but its happening. Just like spring with the buds starting to show, tomorrow is a new day.

Time to change, start something new. In as much as i wonder about change coming, I often wonder if we think change is coming because we know we are going to have to do something to inflict it.

May be it's more about standing out in the crowd, being counted for what we believe in. Making it safe for everyone else, wearing the flourescent jacket. I don't know but thats my thought.

What ever it certainly time to stand up and a time to be counted so lets make a change, and change this world for the better!


  1. i cant help it. i am beginning to love ur thoughtful ramblings

  2. I think thats a compliment

  3. though your grammar is getting worse!

  4. or I just keep typing later and later x