Monday, March 23

I wrote this yesterday at Uni so here i type it...

The thrill of driving, the excitement, the speed, the cost! So much like life really. Some goes fast, some goes slow, there are accidents and moments so clear all starts to make sense. However oftern when you drive you only see those around you, you look out and try and avoid the accidents often missing lookin gout your self on the veiw, breathtaking reality. Then you become tired, the need to stop, to drink and water. It can be costly too. I mean petrol, the repairs, tax, MOT, services and insurance. It all adds up.

You could compare life to driving, so much of the above applies. There is a thrill and an excitment, there are times that are fast and some that are slow, there are accidents and times when we look so closely at what is around us. At points we even get tired, not the everyday tired that tuks you up in bed at night, but the tired in life that drowns you deep into depression, one which we shrink away from life. The cost is so clear, we grow older, become less trusting, fall in love, have children, die lonely.

In many ways I suppos much of this depends on the destination and the routes we take. Always individuals each with it's own moments. Even when travelling together on a journey you can find that each persons favourite bit is different, or if its the same then its usually for a different reason. It's the same for the low points as well.

As I sit in a strange room writing this, I realise how strange a journey life can be. I'm sitting in a room with a yellow door, with the heighest bed, writing this at this desk sitting on a comfy chair in the gorunds of nazarene theological college. Tomorrow is my last uni interview and each has brought something new to my lifes journey. Todays might possibly link to the fact that I can drive, whats more on the motorway. It's a scary realisation of freedom, escapism and loss. I'm no longer jailed away from flights of fancy, of the scary big wide world. Strangely I think I will find myself more confined by my freedom than I ever felt living under my parents house and I havn't even left yet.

It's like childs footsteps for the first time. I must seem so happy, so excited, my parents wary ready to catch me when I trip, ready to pick me up. Freedom with a safety net on this drive home.

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