Friday, September 4

It seems like a night for nightmares,
I shall try and hold on to the day,
Forever is slipping by my fingers,
and I think I've forgotten how to pray.
I sip down another cold drink
realise my ninth in a night
can't remember when i was sober
I would give my family a fright.
Tomorrow maybe my last day
Shall I go out and do this again
shall i pack it all in to find life once more
is that an even worse end.
What if tomorrows my turn,
to end up impaled on a knife
what if the drink is the reason
to take away my one life.
Forever holds out past the window
it runs like hell on speed
it looksa lot worse than i thought
unless i just took lsd.
He told me his life was his only
I told him to slow down and think
he got drunk one night in some far away town
And him again I never did see
Someone wake me up from this nightmare
Someone wake me up from this dream
I know that day break is near again
but what if this turn s out to be my reality

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