Thursday, September 17

Open doors.

On occasions I'm slightly claustrophobic, I like space, and feeling part of something. Plus I like to watch people, and greet people and randomly chat to people. It's shocking!

I try to have an open heart as well. I find that you learn so much more, enjoy so much more.
Well today has been interesting and probably my most challenging today so far at Cliff, I've felt really funny all day. I can't say that I miss home but I could really just do with a hug and a good cry and at the moment I'm struggling to allow my vulnerability show to allow me to cry. There's nothing really in particular that I want to cry about. Just been such a hectic week, busy and new.

It has been good for me in some ways though. I started to make a movie upon freedom. Freedom's a fantastic concept, I feel more free the more I am bound to the cross. Sometimes as in all places the restrictions get to you but often the restrictions are liberating, motivating, encouraging, and essential.

It's life, so live it in all its freedom!

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