Monday, September 14

So, a random fact about yourself?

How awesome is the power of a random facts about people?

Right here are a few of mine:
  • I'm a Brownie Leader in training
  • I will quite often wear odd shoes
  • I lived in Germany at a young age
  • Longest bus journey I've taken was 38 hours
  • I do like the film robin hood prince of thieves
  • I can shoot with either hand
  • I like playing frisbee
  • I went to the 21st World Scout Jamboree
  • I like typing/writing
  • I like Kayaking and other adventurous things

So there we go. See now I would love to know what vegetable people would be and why but no one ever asks that!

Getting to know new people is never easy, and I always worry that I seem so detached. I'm quite happy to talk about the small things like the weather (currently cold), where I come from (Norfolk[ish]), favourite colour (blue) and what vegetable would you be (a potato as they can pretty much cope with anything). But the bigger stuff, the stuff which makes you vulnerable is so hard. I've grown up I suppose in a manner where you don't do the vulnerable stuff as it leads at attachment and that's to hard if they move or I move, and i don't suppose it's ever really bothered me much before, no one has really ever wanted me to be like this, they're quite happy to keep me at a distance and let me cope with myself and often them. Yet I don't know whether I'm beginning to feel more ready to be open to sharing, or whether God wants me to be more open in sharing or rather I feel that in the current place I'm in it's just gonna happen and I'm going to have to like it and lump it is probably irrelevant. I think it's time to cope with doing something new, not be so afraid of it.

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