Friday, September 25

Living in a community has really got something about it. It has it's up and downs. Currently on a great up. Watching a movie in our student digs.
It's very funny.

Something about sitting with friends makes me feel happy, only keeping half an eye on the movie but it's amusing.

Time for a time and a moment to soon
It's lost upon me the sun at noon
Cause of an action
Statement of life
It's a placement of Jesus
A moment of God
A filling of the Spirit
I hope with open heart
And hand of faith
that my action will
of course prevail
when timelessness feels craziness
I know that following you is best
For Jesus I can proclaim
or shout or whisper to
to show that you are my King
To all to see him here in me.
Let me be known for you
For the things you give me strength to do

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