Thursday, February 12


I have a friend who hasn't been at college for a while due to the fact that she kept fainting, she has kept smling though and has chosen my poems for the last two days has chosen my poems. So for today this is for Sharna. Keep believing, everyone keep believing.

Believe your heart

and follow your soul

discard your head

and enjoy this bore

we don’t live long

we always move on

so make that merry merry song

join the dance

make up the steps

and play the game

the game to life

make your rules

and the path you choose

you just can’t lose

don’t expect the steps not to fall away

and your feet not to pay

just don’t be afraid

leave the large door open

and don’t close the windows either

retrieve the music

discard the silence

feel the warmth

yet know the shadows

walk away and you

you will never see the light of day

argue for what you see

have faith in yourself

be who you are

not the person they want to see

you just have to believe

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