Wednesday, February 25


any amazing or wonderful occurrence
a marvellous event manifesting a supernatural act of God

I have just finished studying miracles in my philosophy lessons and there are many theories put forward by many great philosophers upon miracles, wether they be signpost events to God or acts the go against the laws of nature they certainly are something to behold.

Which today has lead me to understand that I have witnessed a miracle, it sounds odd but what is a miracle:
  • burnt ash
  • laughter
  • a brother teaching another brother
  • tears
  • quiet
  • noise
  • family
  • friends
  • the building you never noticed before
  • small bulbs planted by well meaning brownies
  • a piggy back

I don'tn know what you class as a miracle but I feel privileged everyday as I believe that this life is a miracle.

Everything on this earth, in this life has something miraculous

Maybe we just all need to look a little harder to find it!

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