Friday, February 6

The first post is a poem...

This is a poem I wrote based on a song by casting crowns, unfortunatly I feel its very true in some cases.

Are we happy here
do we know what’s really happening
for every heart that is broken
I know the invitation
but can we really see
that I'm not a lie
they see me all so strong
but what if I were to say
that’s how I see them
never ready to open
or raise a hand to say
To you I am fake
this charade
I’m living is so that you
you don’t face up to
your failing
your fall
how can all them broken hearts
join a family
of strong happy plastic people
tucking their own broken hearts
behind that colourful facade
so under that shiny steeple we all could look the same
but Jesus closes the curtain
he opens us up
and strips the fake away
would standing below the cross set me free
then would you walk away
or would love of Jesus be enough
be enough to make you stay
Am I the only one who sees the walls
the curtains, the glass, the locks
keeping me from you and you from me
Jesus came to take that away yet
we are to ashamed to let him be
to set you free
now we know every line by heart
and this show is so life like
it all seems so convincing
if we tuck it all away is it really okay
they all believe it maybe I should believe it to
maybe we could break this
maybe we could shake this
I know it’s not true
so why do I only fall apart
when you are not watching
would you walk away
or would the love of Jesus be enough
be enough to make you stay
Am I the only one here
here in church today

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