Tuesday, February 10

Life just goes by so quickly. It doesnt stop. One moment out and its all moved on and disappeard and now im running just to catch up again.


The thief
Silently cries in the afternoon
Lost is the reasoning
He will be gone soon
The man on the far side
Guffaws and laughs
At the man in the middle
Surround by half
The man in the middle
Himself on the hill
Prophesized by many
To come to fate this ill
The guards on the ground
Doing the their job
Look past at the king
Keeping away the mob
Mockers a many
Crowd on this mound
Shouting and laughing
As the surround
They followers there
Standing humble
Cry and weep
As their ground begins to crumble
The thief turns
And says to the middle man
I believe your title
Let me tonight sleep in your land
The middle man turns
Tonight my brother
You will be in paradise
Never again will you suffer
And till this very last
His kindness shone
Towards all men
Before he was gone
His last words where not many
Enough to make a gown man cry
Father please forgive them, they know not what they do

Was his last breaths sigh

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