Saturday, February 28

Osaka Castle is full of cherry blossom...

Osaka Castle is full of cherry blossom is the title of the post card my brother brought me back from Japan. I wasn't expecting any thing to be honest.

But then how often do we expect less and get more, and expect more and get less. My School production that I went to see yesterday was an example of the former. I went not expecting all that much and came out with a new found passion for all things rhyming and seussical like. Then there have also been times when you have gone to an event so hyped up that your expectations dwarf the event.

Isn't it the same for people we always expect something, sometimes we underestimate them and judge them and then to often we idolise them into something they are not.

Thats the problem with expectations we so often can't see past them so we adhere to them. We expcet things of ourselves which maybe we can do better than. Maybe we need to realise just that. Expectations are probabilties not possibilities, therefore for entirly worthless really.

Time to focus on the posibilities not the probabilities because it sure is time to expect the unexpected.

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