Saturday, February 7

The sun is shining this morning, the snow has gone for now and I feel happy. This week has been a bit up and down and that's just the weather. Can't believe the amount of shocking incidents. Finding that a very close church member was in hospital, followed by a close friend from sixth form also ending up in hospital, I'm sure would be enough to send any person in to possible moments of hysteria, then add in a Uni interview in London and the unfair exclusion of a friend from school on Wednesday. It rains when it can snow aye. There has been some positives, I have now got three offers for Universities and I do quite like watching snow, it makes me feel peaceful, an unusual event in my life, for which I will thank God.

During the week I was reminded of a poem I wrote quite a few years ago, it seems some what appropriate...

Dear Lord

Thank you, (add spontaneous applause)
For the calm water (or frozen snow),
For the freshness (or the cold),
For the sun (or the clouds),
For time (or how little time we have of it),
For this moment (now),
For what I have (not what I want),
For the life I live (not the life I want),
For the air I breathe (however polluted),
For the beauty of creation (even the mud),
For my voice so I can worship you (even if it is out of tune)
For love (even the rows),
For Ruth’s crazy dance (even if attacks),
For joy (even the thunder storms),
For new life (even if it cries or makes you sneeze,)
For our new life (through the death of your son),
Thank you, (add spontaneous applause)
Thank you for me (and all of my odd socks),
For all my family (even the ones I am not related to),

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