Friday, February 27

The Forum Library, Norwich

The forum, a magical place of books, music, museaum, media, tourism, broadcasting, resources, coffee and pizza. if you feel like having a visual. The place where I am typing from this very minute listening to the variety or low mumers coming from around this impressive building of glass and metal. I'm excited as I'm waiting for everyone else to come out of sixth form so we can go to tea before heading to Seussical the musical, the Notre Dame High School production.

But todays thoughts have nothing really to do with this, i just like to ramble. todays thoughts on the third day of lent have turned around various doors and ended up an mixture of things discussed today at Acts 29.

We watched the first Nooma video( ) called rain it was really interesting to watch and on part of the discussion afterwards with Ellie we where talking about junk in our lives, not the crisp packet but the stuff that kinda blocks our view from God. This wasnt our whole discussion it was just one fo the points, I'm sure other parts will come through later on this week.

But anywhoos the topic came up in the junk question of saying goodbye.
I really struggle to say goodbye.
I try not to at the end of conversations its always see you soon speak soon love ya got to go be back etc etc etc

Saying goodbye is painful, but always rather iminent really. I'm coming to the end of my sixth form career and I will have to say goodbye to all the friends I've made here. then moving to uni will mean more goodbyes to the places that I have lived near for the last 8 - 10 years, a church community who have been so supportive, people who i rarely see when i only live down the road from them. Goodbye is part of life, a scary part, a heart breaking part.

You would have thought that I was used to it by now, 9 houses, RAF father, many events only fleeting in the real pattern of life... but no I think it just gets harder.

I should probably ask why then do I want a life where I dont sit still for very long, move around, never around for what could be, escape.

I suppose there is no answer to that and what I know is safest.

I guess I will just have to hold close to God and wait and see and when the rain comes through the heart ache of saying Goodbye once again, I know it will not be for long as I'm just oassing by.

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